Excel Marriages is a non-profit charitable trust that is committed to inspire and equip marriages and families to excel through fun, passion and adventure! Come, enjoy loving life together!

Marriage is a journey not a destination.  We all need to refuel and have maintenance along the way to enjoy the journey.

Excel Marriages, founded by Cliff and Jenni Warne, is a result of their passion for marriages, coupled with a desire to equip others to excel in their marriages.

Married for over 38 years, 16 of those were devoted to running an outdoor education centre, where we managed thousands of children in camps, and trained hundreds of teenagers in leadership. It was during this time when our hearts were given to the many children who were casualties of dysfunctional families and marriages, that our attention turned to the parents.

With one in three marriages ending in divorce, we started asking the question, “What can one couple do to help?”  In 2006, compelled to make a difference, we launched initially into part-time and later full-time marriage building and coaching together as a husband and wife team.

With 15 yrs of experience, we offer Marriage Retreats, Relationship Coaching, Marriage Enrichment Seminars,  Online Courses and a weekly Couples’ Wellness programme. Our courses are light hearted with practical applications and suit all marriage relationships. Our ‘7 Essentials for a Love that Lasts’, forms the basis of our teaching.

Whether you’ve got a mediocre marriage or a good marriage, join us as we shift gear to excel your marriage!

A healthy marriage is the building block of a society and from this core, strong families and nations emerge. Our goal is to change the face of marriage from mediocre to sensational!

“…helped us work through some issues that were adversely affecting our relationship….”


“We’ve had some really dark days…  This weekend retreat was an epiphany to me, and now we’re back on track.” – September 2021 (Christchurch)

“We’ve had the best weekend . . . we’ve both come away with so many tools to help us build on our relationship and we couldn’t be more thankful.  Every day I remind myself to ‘Choose love’ and think of ways I can make Luke feel appreciated, which in turn makes me feel so good too. Each night we make sure to sit down and have our little 15 min chats which has been a nice way to connect after our busy days. We know we’ve got a way to go yet but just those simple steps are helping to make that connection we desperately needed. So thank you again.”  – April 2020 (Hamilton)

“When we think life is tough and our marriage maybe isn’t worth saving, it’s attending a marriage retreat like this, that opens us up to remembering “why” we choose each other.  Thank you to Jenni and Cliff.” – September 2021 (Christchurch)

“We absolutely loved the retreat and would love to do another one in future!  We found it so beneficial, with so many new tools to use as well as having a safe space of faith and encouragement to have a personal breakthrough as a couple, so thank you both so much for all that you do.” – September 2020 (Auckland)

“My husband ….   and I recently attended the Nelson course and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We liked the topics that were discussed and have learned some wonderful skills to do with communication, our different personalities and how to continue on in our strong and happy marriage. We went to this course as a refresh to our 6 years of marriage and have left with so much more knowledge and power. We are not religious/faith based and we were respected by Jenni & Cliff in this. I would highly recommend this course for all married couples no matter what your needs may be.” – February 2021 (Blenheim)

My wife and I attended a marriage course hosted by Cliff and Jenni.  It was very challenging but helped us work through some issues that were adversely affecting our relationship. Without over stating things I am sure the course put us on the road to a much improved marriage now with better communication.”  2015 (Nelson)

How You Can Help Support Outstanding Marriages

Currently, one in three marriages ends up in divorce, and many other marriages never really fire. We don’t think that’s at all acceptable and so Excel Marriages has set out to change the face of marriage for good.

Our desire is to travel, and provide seminars and retreats wherever we go, but to do so, we need your help. And we’re asking for your support so that together, we can inspire and equip marriages and families, anywhere in New Zealand and beyond, to not just survive but to excel!

Donations & Translation Work:

At the time of writing this, ebay has 34,747 listings of marriage books for a couple to purchase.  Our market is swamped with resources!

Some countries in the world have very limited resources translated into their languages to help marriages.  Excel Marriages has determined to take ‘The 7 Essentials’ – our own resource – and have it translated and distributed.  (Currently translated into Finnish).  This is a mammoth task, but we can make a difference!  Without strong marriages, the family unit crumbles and society is changed forever!

Request Courses & Retreats for your Group or Organisation:

We love to share the many impacting tools and tips that we’ve both discovered and been taught during our journey of over 38 years of marriage together. One of the best ways that you can support the work we do is by spreading the word and getting in touch with us to help you organise one of our great courses or workshops for your church, business, or community group.

Get in touch with us using the link below to discuss more options, or have a look at What We Offer, to see if there’s something we can do for your group!

Thanks New Zealand! Be one of Excel Marriages’ supporters, and together we can make a lasting impact!
For more information or ideas on how to support us, please get in touch: Contact Excel Marriages