Like a carpenter without a hammer or saw is severely restricted in his/her ability to build efficiently, so too is a marriage without ‘tools’.

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When your personal life and professional life gets out of balance, they affect each other. Enhance your personal relationship with this free e-book written from over 35 years of experience, we offer these 7 essential relationship tools to build a love that lasts!

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smOOch Wellness is all about helping you build an exciting vibrant life together!

Relationships easily get stale. And so we here at smOOch are committed to providing you a fresh inspo (inspiration) and a zany date every week of the year to equip you with true time-tested advice, and the opportunity to fuel the fire of romance!

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Our Online Marriage Courses offer packages that are designed to equip you in seven different areas of your marriage. We call them the ‘Seven Essentials of a Healthy Marriage’. If you’re pushed for time or would like to do one module at a time, each package is also available to purchase separately.

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