Marriage Counselling & Relationship Coaching will help you identify and deal with any area of tension in your relationship!

Do you feel heard by your spouse?  Are you good at communicating?  

We are a husband and wife team with 38 years of marriage experience, and qualified to coach you!  We also have 15 years of experience working with engaged couples through to crisis couples.  We will:

a. Help you set achievable action-orientated goals in your relationship

b. Give you effective tools to help you have a relationship that flourishes

c. Demonstrate and coach you how to listen to each other and to be heard           

We will facilitate your conversations, prompt you with the right questions, provide support, encouragement and accountability to accomplish the relationship goals you set.  Don’t stay stuck – move forward with win-win solutions!

  • In-person sessions available for Auckland (sometimes Nelson areas)
  • Available via Skype/Zoom for everywhere else
  • One free coaching session is included when you purchase our Online Course here.

Coaching by sessions: $135 per per hour

Coaching by ‘Expresso’ package: $700 per day (8 hours)

Get results in one day! Instead of 4-6 weeks, hasten your healing and connection process by condensing it all into a one day ‘Expresso’. If time is of the essence, this is the answer for you. With a mix of coaching and teaching, we will personalise your couple needs, and bring continuity in your healing and wholeness journey. Click for more info on our Expresso Coaching

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page if you would like more information about our couple coaching sessions. Please remember to include relevant information in your message below such as your location and your timezone if overseas.