“We want what you have!”

You have seen those radiant and confident couples who seem to have made an art form of communication. Well, that can be your story too, but many couples settle for “it is what it is”, and put up with the status quo.


Marriage Courses to Refuel and Energize your Relationship!

Marriage is a journey, not a destination, and we all need regular maintenance checks and refuelling to enjoy the journey along the way.  We honour our marriages and ourselves when we invest in our relationship.  Our marriage courses give you the perfect opportunity to take time out to improve your marriage for the stage of your journey. Come, enjoy loving life together!



Pre-Marriage Course

Covering foundational truths for a ‘love that lasts’ including: oneness; love languages; personality differences; communication and conflict resolution tools; 5 keys to incredible sex; money handling; plus expectations for the years ahead.


The 7 Essentials

Marriage Course

A one day and evening marriage enrichment programme offered for groups at their facility, featuring our core teaching of the seven key essentials to build a quality marriage.


Authentic Marriage

Marriage Course

Re-engage as a couple with this eight-week equipping programme (one evening per week), that is guaranteed to build the heart of the marriage. (Auckland and Nelson areas only)


Family Workshop

Family Course

We offer to facilitate the ‘Loving our kids on Purpose’ parenting series by Danny Silk as a six-week course (one evening per week). Enquiries for parents or groups welcome. (Auckland areas only.)

Marriage Retreats

Marriage Retreats that are Practical and Fun!

Whether you’re starting out on the journey, needing strategies to manoeuvre around bumps, turns and twists on the road, or want to perform a maintenance checkup for the journey ahead, our specially designed Marriage Retreats have something for everyone.


Upcoming Wholehearted Marriage Retreats:

RUSSELL, BAY OF ISLANDS – Monday 19th October until Tuesday 20th October 2020

NELSON – Saturday 21st November until Sunday 22nd November 2020

MATAMATA – Saturday 5th December until Sunday 6th December 2020

NELSON – Friday 26th February until 28th February 2021

RUSSELL, BAY OF ISLANDS – Monday 8th March until Tuesday 9th March 2021

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Wholehearted Marriage Retreat

A structured retreat for couples who want to take it up a gear and engage with their spouse in a fun and relaxed way to strengthen the core of their marriage. This retreat will focus on the ‘Seven Essentials to a Healthy Marriage’ including practical application, romantic interludes, communication and conflict resolution skills and tools to understand each other in a new way.  Come, learn our 7 secrets to a ‘Love that Lasts’!


Couple Coaching Sessions

Do you feel heard by your spouse?  Are you good at communicating?

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Speaking Engagements

There are over 10,000 divorces each year in New Zealand.  Excel Marriages is committed to equipping couples with the right tools to reverse that divorce trend and change the face of marriage in both New Zealand, and beyond its shores. We are available for speaking engagements to inspire and equip your group in a fun and engaging way.

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