Marriage Courses to Refuel and Energize your Relationship!

Marriage Courses are an ideal way to regain balance in your relationship. Changes come in marriage that cause a shift in the balance of the relationship. Maybe you begin a family, or the kids grow up and leave, or maybe there is ill-health. The need for change is a pretty big constant in our lives and while we might build on an extra room or buy a bigger house, get a bigger car, or upgrade and update our decor and appliances, we often forget about the most vital element, our marriage. 

Marriage is a journey not a destination, and we all need regular maintenance checks and refueling to enjoy the journey along the way.  We honour our marriages and ourselves when we invest into our relationship.  Our marriage courses give you the perfect opportunity to take time out to improve your marriage for the stage of your journey. Come, enjoy loving life together!



Pre-Marriage Course

A one day pre-marriage course for engaged or seriously dating couples.


The 7 Essentials

Marriage Course

A one day and evening marriage enrichment programme offered for groups at their facility, featuring our core teaching of the seven key essentials to build a quality marriage.


Authentic Marriage

Marriage Course

Re-engage as a couple with this eight-week equipping programme (one evening per week), that is guaranteed to build the heart of the marriage. (Auckland and Nelson areas only)


Online Marriage Course

Are you tired of just surviving in your relationship?  ‘Thrive’ is a 7 module Online Course for you to do from the comfort of your own home, that will give you the tools to break out of ‘mundane’ and put a spark back into your lives.  Complete with short teaching video’s, workbook,  practical application and ‘dates’ to go on, ‘Thrive’ is an effective and economical way to take your relationship up a gear.  Build intimacy and passion; grow clear  communication; and develop healthy ways to resolve conflict.  Let us show you how to have a love that lasts!  Check it out!

“… It has made us realise there can be so much more to our marriage…”

“This course has been great!!!!!  We would have done this course in our first year and every other year as we learnt so much and would learn more every time!  We all get our cars checked and serviced before problems arise to keep them running week to week but we don’t bother doing anything for our marriage which is far more important!!  We feel that this course is a must for all couples, no matter how long or short they have been married for!!  It has made us realise there can be so much more to our marriage!  Takes it to the next level.”

Anna & Ash