Our Online Marriage Courses offer packages that are designed to equip and inspire you in the seven key areas of your relationship. If you’re pushed for time, or would like to do one at a time, each package is available for purchase electronically and includes a teaching video and printable files. We are excited you want to excel your marriage, and should you need help, we are available to answer questions and for live coaching.

Your hosts: Cliff and Jenni Warne

The 7 Essentials Maintenance Packages:  each of these packages in our e-course contains video teaching hosted by Cliff and Jenni Warne, Directors of Excel Marriages, (10 mins approx each), and printable files.  These files include practical information, action steps, seven challenges to help your relationship change up a gear and a weekly romantic date idea (with a ‘step by step’ plan) to nurture your love.

Is this course for you? Yes, all relationships need regular maintenance to keep them healthy and feeling refreshed. Lack of understanding brings frustration and breaks connection between you and your spouse.  Some couples even find themselves stuck!  Have you ever asked any of these questions:

Why do couples fall in and out of love?  Will our love survive?  How can I be sure?
How can I get more sex with my spouse? What about romance once we are married?
Why is it so difficult to understand my spouse?  How can I change them?  Maybe we are too incompatible?
Can we survive after an affair? We seem to be journeying on different paths – what can we do?

Let us unpack these questions to equip and inspire your relationship for ‘a love that truly lasts!’

Watch a preview!  Choose your individual module or full package below.

Complete Online Course (Includes all seven modules)
Price: $99.50
Complete Online Course: 7 Essentials to a Healthy Marriage. Each module/package costs $19.50 to purchase individually, or you can buy all seven for $99.50 (saving $37) - Which also includes a FREE one hour couple coaching session (normally priced at $100).

Module 1. LOVE
Price: $19.50
“I may not be a smart man, but I do know what love is” Forrest Gump. Why are people ‘falling in and out of love’? Why is the divorce rate so high? Discover there is more to Love than a feeling.

Module 2. HONOUR
Price: $19.50
“Honour is fuel to your marriage. If you run out of it or run low, it will immediately affect your marriage…” Dr Scott Stanley. Experts have proven this is a crucial ingredient in a relationship. Discover what that looks like in your life.

Price: $19.50
Be more than just really good ‘room-mates’ in your marriage. Learn how communication, intimacy and sex are all connected.

Price: $19.50
Conflict is normal in any marriage but there is healthy conflict and unhealthy conflict. Watch out for both external battles and internal battles that will affect your relationship.

Price: $19.50
In our relationship, we have different roles and responsibilities to manage, including our hearts. Giving and receiving forgiveness is one of our greatest challenges.

Module 6. TRUTH
Price: $19.50
The secret to truth and trust in marriage is transparency.

Module 7. VISION
Price: $19.50
Take a moment to stop and think about your vision for marriage and family, including your core values and a legacy plan.

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