A pre-marriage course for engaged or seriously dating couples. This course will give you a great head start before marriage. Our topics cover a number of different foundational truths for a ‘love that lasts’ including: oneness; love languages; personality differences; communication and conflict resolution tools; 5 keys to incredible sex; money handling; plus expectations for the years ahead.  There is no public sharing, just processing  together in face-to-face times during the day.

  • NEXT COURSE – Saturday 31st July, 9 am – 4 pm, Auckland
    Cost: $200 per couple  ( On hold due to Covid Restrictions)
  • PREPARE ENRICH – This is an internationally recognised pre-marriage course.  Engaged couples will  complete an online assessment and received back a computerised ‘report’ of their strengths and growth areas in their relationship.  We are trained facilitators, and will process and give feedback on the couples assessment report and give them some couple exercises over a couple of evenings to strengthen their relationship as needed per their report. (Either in person or on-line.)
    Cost: $200 per couple for our time, plus $50 for computer assessment

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Payment to book : Excel Marriages 03 0255 0042552 000  – $200 per couple