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Upcoming Marriage Retreats:

ROTORUA – Saturday 30th April to Sunday 1st May 2022

NELSON – Friday 6th May to Sunday 8th May 2022

ROTORUA – Saturday 30th July to Sunday 31st July 2022

NELSON – Friday 5th August to Sunday 7th August 2022

WARKWORTH – Saturday 20th August to Sunday 21st August 2022

NELSON – Friday 9th December to Sunday 11th December 2022

NELSON – Friday 17th February to Sunday 19th February 2023

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Wholehearted Marriage Retreat

Private retreats set in beautiful tranquil locations, for couples who want to take it up a gear and engage with their spouse in a fun and relaxed way to strengthen the core of their marriage. These retreats will focus on the ‘7 Essentials to a Healthy Marriage’ including practical application, romantic interludes, communication and conflict resolution skills, and tools to understand each other in a new way.

The structured teaching programme (and workbook) is presented live by Cliff and Jenni, and includes structured hands-on application. With no forced ‘open-sharing’ this retreat will help you understand what makes your spouse really tick and looks at how to break any boundaries of distance in your relationship.  Come, learn the ‘7 Secrets for a Love that Lasts’! (Maximum five couples.)

Session 1: ‘Foundations’ – What is your relationship built on?  What holds it together in the hard times?

Session 2: ‘Masters and Disasters’ – What is the difference between relationships that flourish and those that end in separation/divorce?

Session 3: ‘Naked and Unashamed’ – Be more than just really good ‘room-mates’ in your marriage.  Learn how communication, intimacy and sex are all connected.

Session 4: ‘Who owns the Baggage?’ There are healthy conflicts and unhealthy conflicts, relational germs and affairs of the heart.  Let’s undo the baggage and take responsibility for the contents.

Session 5: ‘Going the Distance’ – Your vision for marriage and family, including your core values and a legacy plan, will keep you enjoying the journey of marriage.

“My husband Jamie and I recently attended the Nelson course and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We liked the topics that were discussed and have learned some wonderful skills to do with communication, our different personalities and how to continue on in our strong and happy marriage. We went to this course as a refresh to our 6 years of marriage and have left with so much more knowledge and power. We are not religious/faith based and we were respected by Jenni & Cliff in this. I would highly recommend this course for all married couples no matter what your needs may be.”


Do you cover handling conflicts and resolving conflicts?  We definitely do!  We spend a lot of time on conflict and will get you to practise a tool we call ‘LUV Talk’, that helps resolve conflicts that go round and round and are left unresolved.  
What about unhealthy conflicts? Yes, we discuss what pushes your buttons and how to avoid being infected by ‘Relational Germs’ that infect our conflicts, and destroy our love (eg anger, blame, contempt)! 
Do we receive material to work through?  You will receive a little booklet when you arrive called ‘face-to-face time’. We talk about a subject, and then you and your spouse take your booklet and discuss it together privately.  Then we get back together, and we teach on another subject.
Is your material religious?  No, the  ‘7 Essentials’  we teach, are principles for all couples, no matter what their background, or whether faith/non-faith based.  
Do we share our ‘baggage’ with the group?  No, you do not openly share with any other couple.  Couples are there for privacy and valuable time together to build intimacy.
Do you help couples open up to that baggage, really talk about it and work through it together? Baggage can go back to childhood issues, (eg rejection), but we give space for couples to identify baggage, and then take ownership of it.  There is time in our programme for one-on-one with us, or you can book coaching sessions after the course to go deeper into those issues.  

Deeper Intimacy

What could be better than going deeper in your relationship, while on holiday! In our exclusive two night couples’ retreat, you’ll learn new skills for deepening intimacy, managing conflicts, and enhancing your relationship in a private and beautiful setting! (Maximum five couples.)

For those couples who have joined us for our Wholehearted Marriage Retreat, and want to learn how to develop deeper intimacy, this weekend retreat is for you.  Draw closer and experience more transparency by:

  • strengthening the ‘7 Secrets to a Love that Lasts’;
  • unearthing and releasing blockages that hold you back from deeper intimacy, to bring you more freedom;
  • developing new communication/conflict tools;
  • putting measurable goal setting in place to go forward;
  • PLUS on Saturday night, get ready for the ultimate ‘Amazing Date’! We’ve organised a date like no other you’ve had before, full of fun, romance and adventure!

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