Family Fun – Day 10

Family Board Game – Inside Outside

International Strengths-Based Family Research has shown that there are 6 fundamental characteristics of strong families.

No. 1: Strong Families demonstrate appreciation and affection for each other.
No. 2: Strong Families have a commitment to one another. They can trust each other and can depend on one another.

And Now –
No. 3: Strong Families practice positive communication. They can identify problems and discuss how to solve them together. Perhaps even more vital: strong families spend time talking and listening to one another just to stay connected.

Some of the most valuable talk occurs when no-one is working at connection: open-ended rambling conversations can reveal information which helps smooth out the bumps of family life.

Inside Outside : board game

Make a board game (pattern attached). Share some interesting tidbits about the past. The ideal is to take talking and listening to each other!

Materials needed:

Download and print off pages for games. (instructions are included)
Potato crisps or popcorn to eat while listening to the stories as you play.

Tips for parents:

Children particularly like to hear stories about their parents childhood. Our children loved it! As you play this board game, and you land on an emotion, consider some of these questions below that may prompt you with an interesting story to tell your children that is attached with an emotion that you landed on. e.g. a story that made you sad, happy etc. Children will enjoy sharing their own stories too.

– Tell about a time when you slept outdoors.
– Tell about something unusual that happened in a restaurant.
– Recall a strange thing that happened in a foreign country you have visited?
– What was one of your favourite family dinners as a child?
– Name a person who significantly influenced your life. How?
– Tell about something you often did on Sundays as a child
– Recall a time when you got into trouble at school.
– Where was a special place you liked to play as a child?
– Describe one of your best or worst teachers
– Tell about the first time you danced with someone.
– Who is one of the kindest individuals you have met? Why?
– Tell about a famous person you have met.
– Recall a time when you got into trouble at home.
– What is one of your favourite childhood stories?
– Recall one of your greatest athletic achievements.
– Describe an event you’ll never forget from your school days.
– Describe one of your first experiences of living away from home.
– Tell about a time when you gave or were given flowers!

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