Family Fun – Day 11

It is time to rally the troops, get them off their devices and have some family fun! All families have strengths and resources that you may not realise, or are untapped – strengths we want to help you discover and use!

International Strengths-Based Family Research has shown that there are 6 fundamental characteristics of strong families.

No. 1: Strong Families demonstrate appreciation and affection for each other.
No. 2: Strong Families have a commitment to one another. They can trust each other and can depend on one another.
No. 3: Strong Families practice positive communication. They can identify problems and discuss how to solve them together, spending time talking and listening to one another just to stay connected.

Todays Activity: Refuelling your car

Cars need refuelling for them to keep going. Similarly, each of us has an imaginary fuel tank inside of us that needs refuelling that makes us feel loved.

As cars are designed differently, we are also designed uniquely with different ways that we feel loved. Experts say that there are 5 different ways of feeling loved: by words; actions; touch; gifts and time. These are called LOVE LANGUAGES, and each of us has one of these ways that we find refuels our love tank, more than others.

Materials needed:
– Printed car patterns (attached), to cut out and glue
– A racing track made out of card, paper (or even lego if desired) with a start, 20 squares as points, and a finish line.
– A photo that individuals can cut out their faces to glue on to their car.
– Printed off question cards, cut out, and put in a stack.
– A favourite family dessert to share afterwards

Everyone gets to choose and make up their car to represent themselves. Follow the rules attached with the youngest person starting the game by reading out the top card on the stack (they may need help) and others writing down their answers.

Additional rules:
1. Players move 1 step FORWARD by the number of people that choose their CORRECT love language.

2. Other players move 1 step BACKWARDS (only once their car is on the race track) if they guess the WRONG answer.

The aim of the game is to have fun learning and understanding each of the family’s different love languages. In addition, you get others to learn about you!
It is a race to see who understands each other the best!

(Parents there are two additional pages to print off that explain the cards and how they relate to love languages, which may help you in the questions at the end.)

Discussion Questions:
1. Which Love Language do you think is your main Love Language? (way you feel loved)
2. Is anyone surprised by someone else’s Love Language? Why?
3. How good are we at knowing each other’s Love Language?
4. How could we do it better?
5. How did it make us feel when someone understands us?

We recommend you read Dr. Gary Chapman’s Book “The Five Love Languages of Your Children.” The fun activity you did today just scratches the surface of possibilities for understanding the Love Languages. The book will give you insight into how to best love your children and yourself and how to help them love others.

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