Family Fun – Day 5

Family Activity: My Favourite Family Time

International Strengths-Based Family Research has shown that there are 6 fundamental characteristics of strong families.

1. Strong families show appreciation and affection to each other: People in strong families care deeply for each other, let each other know this on a regular basis, and are not afraid to express their love. This looks like : caring for each other, friendship, respect for individuality, playfulness and humour.

Today: ‘My Favourite Family Time’

We show appreciation for each other by spending enjoyable times with each other. There are a whole lot of different times we spend together as a family: eating, doing the cleaning, shopping, playing games, cuddling at bedtime, story times . . .

In “My favourite family time” we show an interest in what the others most like about our family times.

Guessing the secret: Each person is given a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. First each person SECRETLY writes down their favourite family time in the week; small children can draw a picture. (Children may need parents help by listing off what family times you do have during the week.)

Then each person turns his paper over and one person begins: “What do you think is my favourite time of the week in our family?” Everyone can make a guess!

Then the secret is revealed:

The person turns over his paper and tells the others what they most enjoy doing in the family and why.

Only 2 Rules:
– Other family members can ask for details, if there is anything they didn’t understand. . . BUT
– Don’t criticise each other’s choice!!! It is OK if one person enjoys one thing and another person doesn’t like it at all!!

Questions to talk about afterwards:

– Did you know what the others in your family like best?
– What can we do to have really enjoyable times together?

Choose together one of the favourite things mentioned.
(If it is too difficult to come to a agreement, write options on paper and draw one from a bowl.)
Here are some other suggestions you might want to add:
Playing a board game together;
Reading a novel out loud together on couch;
Computer gaming together;
Outdoor activity e.g biking, gardening, walking, flying a kite…..

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