Family Fun – Day 6

Family Challenge – Trust Fall

International Strengths-Based Family Research has shown that there are 6 fundamental characteristics of strong families. Here’s the second characteristic!

  1. Strong Families demonstrate appreciation and affection for each other.
  2. Strong Families have a commitment to one another.
    They can trust each other and can depend on one another.

Members of successful families are dedicated to each other’s wellbeing, investing time and energy in family activities, not letting work or other priorities take too much time away from family interaction.

Todays Challenge: Trust Fall

This is a simple, yet effective fun way of building trust in a family.

One member of the family is selected and stands on a raised platform, next they fall backwards (to a lying down position) relying on the support of their family to catch them. This quick team building activity is all about support and trust.

Equipment Required: Raised platform (elevation around 1 metre or higher!)
Space Required: Minimal – either indoors or outdoors.


One person is selected (or volunteers) to try the challenge first. They stand on the raised platform, waiting for their team mates. The rest of the group should form 2 vertical lines facing each other on ground level.
The volunteer (faller) should stand with their back to the rest of the team, with their arms crossed.
A stable landing area should be provided by the rest of the team using their arms to protect the faller. (linking hands with person opposite)
Once everyone is ready and in position, the volunteer should freely fall in the direction of the catchers.
The aim of the catchers is to catch the faller, so they may need to adjust themselves to ensure the volunteer lands safely in the landing area.
Safety First: The faller must not fall, until the catchers are ready, and shout ‘Fall’.
Once you have completed the first fall. Take time to discuss it with the group. Asking them how they found it? Allow all members of the team to take turns as the faller, (NB if the catchers are strong enough)

A REMINDER: Cheer and encourage everyone for their efforts. Some will find this harder to do then others!!

Suggested Learning Outcomes:

Support and trust
Comfort Zone

Questions for each ‘faller’:

Did you have any hesitation before falling?
How did you feel having to rely on others to support you?

Questions for the family:

How did you manage the fallers safety? What did you do to protect them?
Can you relate this challenge to a time when you have had to rely on others? Was it a good or bad outcome?
Is there anything that stops you from trusting others around you in the family?

Tips for Adults:
Safety of the fall is paramount!
There may be an opportunity here to apologise to each other if family members share times when they have felt let down when they thought they should be able to trust.
This can be a special family time if everyone can feel safe to share and be heard. THIS BUILD TRUST!

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