Family Fun – Day 12

Family Fun – “Your’e not Hearing Me!”

International Strengths-Based Family Research has shown that there are 6 fundamental characteristics of strong families.

No. 1: Strong Families demonstrate appreciation and affection for each other.
No. 2: Strong Families have a commitment to one another. They can trust and depend on each other.
No. 3: Strong Families practice positive communication.
No. 4-6 . . . (coming soon)

Today Activity – ‘The Architect’

Material needed:

2 sets of 10 lego blocks or similar (identical in colour and size)

This family activity enhances your communication skills, focusing on your ability to hear each other well!

The aim is that the Architect’s design is exactly replicated by the the Builder. Information is transferred via a number of family members to the Builder.

To play:
– Spread the family members out (up to 5m apart), even into different rooms of the house in an order, with an Architect as the first player and a Builder as the last player.
– The Architect has one set of lego blocks and the Builder has the other identical set of lego blocks.
– The Architect creates a design/structure of their choosing hidden from view.
– The Architect will communicate, (quietly so others can’t hear), describing to the next person who can not see the structure, the position of one or two blocks at a time. That person then relays the information onto the next member, etc until the builder receives the information.
– This continues until the Builder has completed the build, at which time the team comes together to inspect the build!

Questions to ask:
1. Is the structure identical?
2. If it is, pat yourselves on the back, and change players and have another go!
3. If not, where did we go wrong? (e.g. the importance of clear communication!)
3. Did we PASS ON instructions correctly?
4. Did you UNDERSTAND clearly what you were told?
5. How can we do this better!
6. Have another go!

A thought to consider: Sometimes we think we have communicated clearly, but the outcome may not have been what we desired, because we assumed people understood.

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