Family Fun – Day 13

Family Fun – Building Memories!

International Strengths-Based Family Research has shown that there are 6 fundamental characteristics of strong families.

No. 1: Strong Families demonstrate appreciation and affection for each other.
No. 2: Strong Families have a commitment to one another. They can trust and depend on each other.
No. 3: Strong Families practice positive communication.

And now:
No. 4: Strong Families spend enjoyable, quality time together.

This is such a simple principle, yet with the busyness of life, families can spend very little time together, even less time laughing and doing fun activities that build strong memories and a strong family bond.

This takes being intentional, and planning it on your calendar. e.g. family pizza nights, family disco party, family holidays, parent and child ‘date nights’ of one-on-one time, a family activity you all do together (e.g. water skiing).

Today’s task: Making up a ‘Family FUN Planner’

Brain storm as a family all the types of FUN activities you like doing together as a family or would like to do in the future together. It might be hard to find FUN activities you ALL like to do, but starting to collect common interests will help develop some ideas.

Tips for Parents:
This is not part of your normal calendar of activities: e.g. piano and dance lessons, soccer practices. Sometimes life gets so full of ACTIVITIES that life has no FUN in it!

Fun Planner may include one fun slot per day, (or even a week to start with), time that is just for having fun together, enjoying, laughing and being as a family.

Once you have some ideas, book them on a new ‘Family FUN Plan’ – seperate from your busy activity planner. Pattern ideas are included or you can make up your own from the many ideas on pinterest. We hope you create some awesome memories together!

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